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The GTFM is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of UNDP, UNHCR, IOM,
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, United Cities and Local Governments Middle East
and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA), the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT) and
World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD). UCLG-MEWA
Committee on Social Inclusion assumes the secretariat of the GTFM, and facilitate its


The objective of the GTFM is to provide a forum for all members to develop relationships,
exchange experiences and best practices and facilitate technical debates initiated in
Gaziantep through periodic online meetings at the technical level. In particular, the
steering committee foresees the GTFM becoming a global centre of urban migration best
practices and expertise that will grow to support its members to influence and participate
in global processes relevant to local authorities, migration and displacement (such as the
Global Compacts on Refugees and on Migration, the Global Forum for Migration and
Development Mayor Mechanism, etc…). Ultimately the Task Force will be the key
mechanism by which members update each other and exchange information about the
effectiveness of new initiatives and best practices. With time, the Task Force is expected
to grow to become a platform to enable mayors and other municipal officials to raise
their profile in the global arena so as to ensure that the voice and perspective of local
authorities are duly taken into account. In addition to regular online technical meetings,
GTFM members will be invited for a face-to-face mayoral conferences to discuss how
migration is changing their communities and how they are developing and implementing
new approaches and strategies to address these challenges.

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